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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist your enquiry, here are answers to common questions. Please feel free to contact us in case you don’t find your answer here.

Since 1999, Elcox has offered a wide selection of secure private home-study options to students of English around the globe. Our online private tutors are Oxford graduates who deliver bespoke one-to-one tuition in support of the secure home study packages they tailor.

Each of our courses allow you to study English safely at home under the guidance of your online Oxford postgraduate private tutor.

According to your capacity and learning needs, your tutor will prescribe the content of your course, check your work, and agree the details and schedule of your next tutorial.

You will also enjoy the support of our state-of-the-art online AI practice platform that provides automatic speech recognition and writing evaluation, and other features that allow you to measure your progress at any time.

Each student of English is taught as an individual to allow the private tutor to tailor a course in a variety of ways, including level, purpose, course duration, and subject mix.

For example, preparation to sit the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam might be combined with a study of Medical English.

The goal of private tuition is to ensure that the student gains a long-term understanding of how English is used as a means of communication.This is accomplished by teaching how to critically analyse the topics chosen for study.

Rigorous effort of this quality leads the capacity to exchange information and ideas fluently in any English-speaking environment, whether at work, at university, in the public domain, or during social occasions.

Private tuition is a two-way collaboration that ensures the student’s most valuable time is not wasted on pointless learning by rote without return.

Elcox will offer to teach any capable student who is willing to study at home under the wing of a professional online private tutor.

This requires the commitment of both parties to work together on a learning project that leads to student proficiency in the use of English.

It all depends on the learner’s objectives. Professionals who have a strong command of the English language frequently seek assistance in conversing with clients or co-workers from other countries. In other cases, the goal is to improve one’s knowledge of a particular subject or issue that is relevant to one’s profession or day-to-day activities.

Our modular courses of secure home study have a minimum duration of one month an consist in prescribed online reading, AV lectures, critical analysis, two written essays to demonstrate progress, and two interactive one-hour online private tutorials.

We recommend daily study of between one and four hours, for continuity, according to the time available.

Elcox is dedicated to delivering a level of English study that will equip talented students with the values, skills, and intellectual discipline necessary to playing a full role in society.

Our tutors are postgraduates of Oxford who earn a living based on their understanding and application of the teaching style employed at the world’s leading university.

They encourage academic freedom to use initiative, express curiosity, and engage in scholarship that relies on a constructive and co-operative exchange of ideas.

In a word, we are committed to ensuring our students achieve their aims and that they believe their tuition fees represent a justified, fair, and rewarding investment.

Online private tuition is delivered in one-hour prescheduled sessions and one of the key factors in fee levels is course duration.

For our Cambridge Exam or Professional English courses, fees for new students start at £159 for a one-month course with two online private tutorials.

For more information and guidelines, please see our pricing page.

Career Vacancies for Certified ELCOX Alumni

Leading employers are constantly seeking to recruit individuals skilled in teamwork, critical reasoning, problem solving, and certified in use of English. The firms listed below represent the many which recognise the value of the Cambridge English, TOEFL, Pearson, and TOLES exams.