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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist your enquiry, here are some responses to common questions. Please feel free to contact us in case you do not find an answer here.

We offer you private online coaching so you can communicate fluently in English, access the best education, optimise your career prospects, and engage with the world in full.

Access to the finest teaching in the safety and comfort of your home.

Your private tutor will tailor your study to your requirements, check your work, teach you how to understand and use English at work and for leisure, and explain how to benefit from the opportunity and deal with adversity.

Your tutor will suggest and customise a course that corresponds to your individual learning needs. Our three categories of course provide choice to meet your precise learning needs.

For example, you might prepare to sit the Cambridge CPE exam and concurrently study the use of Medical English.

The finest private tuition ensures flexibility, direction, motivation, and efficacy that results in the attainment of all goals.

Flexibility allows you to book tutorials so that your timetable is never disrupted, and your study is stress-free.

Direction is maintained by attention to your essential goals, primary interests, and capacity to work consistently.

Motivation is sustained by achievements your tutor promptly notes and applauds, which ensures you maintain a sense of purpose.

Two-way dialogue with your tutor to exchange ideas and acquire more understanding of the use of English produces lasting improvement.

An Elcox tutor is delighted to teach any diligent learner willing to study at home and benefit from constructive collaboration.

This happens when both parties work together to enhance the student’s understanding of and proficient use of English.

This will depend on your objectives. When you are a professional with a strong command English, you might prefer to study on an ad hoc basis should vital communication with a client or co-worker require a particular sensitive style.

In this case, your needs will be intermittent and highly specialised, such as requiring assistance to compose a conference address.

When your need is conventional, such as to prepare for an English exam, your tutor will advise on course duration.

Your study regime will be set by you and, unlike other study arrangements, will be adaptable to changing circumstance and other unforeseeable hindrance.

The focus and goal of a private tutorial will be tailored to allow for your capacity and needs as a student and ensure a worthwhile outcome.

Our tutors are postgraduates of Oxford and earn a living based on their understanding and deployment of the finest teaching methodology at the best university in the world.

Your tutor will encourage your academic freedom to use initiative, express curiosity, and engage in scholarship that relies on a constructive and co-operative exchange of ideas.

In a word, we are committed to ensuring our students achieve their aims and believe their tuition fees are justified.

Online private tuition is delivered in one-hour scheduled sessions for a fee of £57.

Intensive three-hour sessions for exam revision or professional ad hoc requirements are for a fee of £169.

For more information and guidelines, please see our pricing page.

Career Vacancies for Certified ELCOX Alumnae

Leading employers are constantly seeking to recruit individuals skilled in teamwork, critical reasoning, problem solving, and certified in use of English. The firms listed below represent the many which recognise the value of the Cambridge English, TOEFL, Pearson, and TOLES exams.