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ELCOX online private courses for the Cambridge English Language Assessment public exams, Pearson, TOEFL academic English exams, and TOLES tests of legal English consistently result in high marks. Our private courses in English for professionals are designed to optimise fluency and engage the learner with the latest developments in their fields of interest.

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ELCOX alumnae say that Oxford-style online private tuition instils an indelible grasp of English for clear and effective communication in any setting.

Diligent private home-study ensures top exam grades and leads to the vital academic, professional, and social resource of fluency.

Oxford University

Cambridge English exams cover the CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, IELTS, and Business English formats between levels B1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • C2 CPE Proficiency
    CPE grades A to C certify use of English comparable to an educated British speaker.
  • C1 CAE Advanced
    CAE grades A to C demonstrate spontaneous and coherent written and spoken English.
  • B2 FCE First
    An FCE First certificate is evidence of sufficient vocabulary and grammar to settle and work in an English-speaking setting.
  • B1 Preliminary
    The Preliminary English certificate demonstrates a command of elementary linguistic competence.
  • Cambridge IELTS
    A good IELTS pass confirms ability to live, study, and work where English is spoken.
  • C1 Business Higher BEHC
    Higher Business English grades of A to C indicate an advanced command of the language.
  • B2 Business Vantage BEVC
    Business English Vantage certification demonstrates ability to work at home or abroad.
  • B1 Business Preliminary BEPC
    Business Preliminary English shows good practical language ability for use at work.

Academic courses teach use of Oxford English for formal communication, practical research, acquisition of information, critical analysis, argumentation, and presentation.

  • Pearson PTE
    Elcox has the AI resources, Oxford postgraduate private online tutors, and track record to deliver secure home-study and ensure you are able to pass Pearson PTE Academic or UKVI tests with +85 score.
  • TOEFL iBT Test
    Elcox delivers expert preparation for the TOEFL iBT secure home test monitored online by an invigilator to ensure your certificate is recognised and trusted by universities throughout the world.
    There are three TOLES Tests Of Legal English Skills to enable international lawyers, students of law, and other professionals to offer evidence of their level of language idiom for law. This idiomatic version of the language is unlike that required to study for an LLB or LLM.

We also provide English tuition to professionals and other advanced learners who want to improve their abilities as valued experts, consultants, or team members.

  • Academic English
    You will express ideas, opinions, and judgements capably to colleagues and others after you study Academic English securely at home under an online private teacher.
  • Legal English
    Utilise prescribed online resources safely at your own pace from the comfort of your home and argue your findings in a written essay to discuss with your online private tutor.
  • English and Philosophy
    Study these subjects securely at home: Republic, (Plato); Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle); Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus; (Wittgenstein); Philosophy from Descartes to Kant; Philosophy of Religion; Epistemology and Metaphysics; Philosophy and Politics.
  • Business English
    Alumnae believe that online private home-study of Business English under an Elcox teacher is the best way to become fluent in worldwide correspondence for commerce.
  • Financial English
    Private home-study of Financial English will be tailored to your interests and your tutor will set online reading and audio-visual lectures for a strong grasp of a subject.
  • Medical English
    Medical English for healthcare refines reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Oxford-style online private home-study and tuition cultivates intellectual capacity.
  • English Literature
    English literature depicts cultures since the start of time. Authors often work to foster understanding, tolerance, and wisdom in the face of challenges such as laissez-faire attitudes, fake news, globalisation, nationalism, pandemics, military conflict, and climate change.
  • General English
    Your private tutor will tailor each aspect of your tuition in General English to your interests. Private tuition will build on your strengths and refine your critical thinking and insight.

We set courses above CEFR Level C2 for proficient students
who wish to study other subjects alongside English

Choose secure home-study and online private tuition at the optimum level for you

You can introduce yourself and answer questions about where you live, who you know, and what you do at work or college.

You might need to ask someone to speak slowly but you have local information about  shops, services, addresses, and directions.

You understand clear English at work, in education, and in social contexts. Travel information about identity, destination, schedules, and hotels is straightforward and you can explain most thoughts on events, hopes, opinions, plans, and ideas.

You can read standard English about technical matters in your field of expertise and write with good structure, style, and reasoning on a variety of subjects.

You understand difficult texts, construe subliminal meaning, and effectively express your ideas. You can use English in social, intellectual, and professional contexts and compose detailed writing with good layout, relevant order, and coherence.

You understand what you hear and read and can use the information to build arguments and cases. You assert yourself naturally and precisely in any situation.

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Your bespoke home-study course with private tuition will exercise your intellect to the full and lead you to fluent use of English.

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