Learning Outcomes

ELCOX distance learning outcomes and benefits have been consistently world-class since we first offered Oxford-style online private tuition in 1999

The six Cs of Motivation in Learning

The Six C’s of Motivation strategies have the potential to enhance students’ desire to learn, when applied to open-ended tasks. There is no single correct answer in the open-ended tasks, to allow students to determine their own choices and goals.

An exciting sense of progress

Elcox tutors are Oxford postgraduates who understand the university’s peerless teaching methodology and deploy it to secure guided home study and online one-to-one tuition. Students and alumni believe secure Oxford-style guided home study with online private tuition are the key reasons for their exceptional learning outcomes.

Elcox secure home study is the economic and effective way to gain a fluent understanding of use of English for communication.


AI Study Platform

Our practice platform includes automated speech recognition and writing evaluation powered by the industry-leading e-rater® engine, which has delivered over a quarter of a billion courses.

Why Essay writing is central to language learning

  • Essay-writing is primary to the world number one University of Oxford
  • Your tutor will offer comments and advice based on the quality of your essay-writing
  • Essay-writing will display your current ability to communicate effectively in English
  • You will develop skills to argue your case and persuade your reader it is interesting
  • Well-written work shows your capacity and determination to master English
  • An essay script will enable your tutor to help you with writing style and use of English
  • Essay writing is the best way to master English beyond the criteria set out in the CEFRL
  • When you state ideas precisely and argue for them robustly, you have the advantage
  • Written scripts will display the strengths and weaknesses in your use of English
  • By essay-writing, you will gain insight on the topic and develop your mastery of English
  • Essay-writing will enable you to grasp key issues and form fresh beliefs and values
  • Investing time on study yields knowledge and excellent outcomes in life

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