Learning Outcomes

ELCOX distance learning outcomes and benefits have been consistently world-class since we first offered Oxford-style online private tuition in 1999

The six Cs of Motivation in Learning Outcomes

Deploying the Six Cs of Motivation to open-ended projects can increase motivation in learning. Open-ended projects allow students to choose their study subjects and learning outcomes.

An exciting sense of progress

Elcox tutors received their education at Oxford, the world’s most prestigious university. Acquainted with the rigors of its peerless teaching, they now bring them to home study and online private tuition, to produce exceptional student learning outcomes.

You too can benefit from Elcox secure home study under an online private tutor and gain lifelong fluency in English.


AI Study Platform

Our practice platform deploys automated speech recognition and writing evaluation powered by the industry-leading e-rater® engine. It has delivered over a quarter of a billion courses across the globe.

Why Essay writing is central to language learning

Basic Reasons

  • Over several centuries, English academic essay form has evolved on solid ground
  • Academic writing is central to higher education and its associated public exams
  • Essays allow your tutor to see if you understand the tasks and how well you use English
  • Essay-writing is a wonderful way to gain information and other life-long skills and assets

Educational Benefits

  • Well-written tutorial essays show learning capacity and will to gain fluency in English
  • Drafting an essay develops language and cognitive skills, as insight on its topic grows
  • Essay tasks require reading, listening, and reflection, each vital to fluent use of English
  • Tutorial essays are the most efficient way to advance to Level C2 and beyond

Lifelong Resources

  • Writing skills are a lifeline when it is necessary to express one’s thoughts
  • Writing allows discussion of significant issues and potential resolutions
  • Writing is often essential to arguing a case to demonstrate its merits
  • A writer able to offer a case with robust evidence and arguments, has advantage

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