Private online English tuition

For over two decades, Elcox has developed, deployed, and supported a flexible and secure system of home study and private online English tuition based on learning at Oxford, the world’s best university.

Elcox flexible learning is centred on your needs to study when and where you choose.
This allows you to settle at a single location where you are able to access whatever you need to reach your goals.

Benefits of Private Online English Tuition

The primary advantages of this are consistent high-quality outcomes based on one-on-one tuition, efficacy through the convenience of real-time online distance learning, and continuous access to the most reliable resources of information currently available.

  • Your tutor will work at your pace to ensure that you might realise your maximum potential.
  • Your tutor will set high goals for you so that you achieve far more than you expect.
  • These goals will distinguish you from normal learners as you move towards fluency.
  • Home-study motivates and brings ever-increasing fluency in use of Oxford English.
  • Your tutor will focus on your unique study needs based on your skills and weaknesses.
  • Allotting time to the best online English tuition is a sensible use of this fugacious asset.
  • This most valuable resource is your time which, once lost, can never be regained.
  • Your tutor will teach you exam skills and strategies that are tailored to your needs.
  • Elcox Oxford-style teaching revolves around prescribed tutorial writing assignments.
  • You will engage with the original and fascinating ideas of contemporary specialists.
  • This means that study will never bore you because it produces enriching rewards.
  • Written work will inform your tutor on your ability to study and gain top exam grades.

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Ensure optimum progress

Elcox has taught students across the world for just on a quarter of a century, by delivering flexible secure home study and online private tuition. Good time management applied to short daily sessions ensures best outcomes and top exam marks.