Practice Platform

Students working on guided home study with private tuition gain huge benefits from the state-of-the-art practice platform

interactive online private tuition

AI distance learning

Our practice platform includes automated speech recognition and writing evaluation powered by the industry-leading e-rater® engine, which has delivered over a quarter of a billion courses.

  • Interactive practice of pronunciation and speaking
  • Strengthens reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • Formative assessment identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • On-demand support for your AI English private tuition
  • Project management, report analysis, and support services
  • Interactive revisal of writing, including tutorial essay drafts
  • Standard, advanced, and elite sections of the practice platform
  • Summative checking allows self-paced English private tuition
  • Instructional package complete with instant hands-on help
  • Automatic writing evaluation consolidates your home study
  • Assessment-driven support to secure home study
  • Powerful heuristic feedback on your speech and writing
  • Appraisal charts show your progress at the end of study
  • A cost-effective tangible return on your investment
  • Just upload your essay for automatic writing evaluation

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More Questions?

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions asked by students and professionals around the world. Please contact us in case you cannot find your answer.

Since 1999, Elcox has offered a wide selection of secure private home study options to students of English around the globe.

Our online private tutors are Oxford postgraduates who who understand the teaching methods at the best university in the world.

They deliver bespoke online private one-to-one tuition to support their tailored packages of secure home study.

Each of our students is taught as an individual, which allows their tutor complete flexibility to tailor a course in several ways. The options include level, purpose, and combination of subjects. For example, a student at C1 level might decide to study Medical English combined with preparation to sit the Cambridge English C1 Advanced exam.

Elcox is happy to teach any able-minded student prepared to study at home under the direction of a dedicated online private tutor.

This represents a commitment for both parties to co-operate in intellectual endeavour that allows the student to understand use of English through diligent use of the language when reading, writing, listening, speaking, and applying critical analysis to digest the subjects chosen for study.

The purpose is to ensure that the student gains a lasting understanding of how English is used to acquire a thorough grasp of the topics encountered in this process. Under expert Oxford-style tutelage, this means gaining an ability to communicate effectively in any English-speaking environment, whether at work, at college, in the public domain, or during social events.

This precisely depends on the needs of the student. Often, we receive requests from professionals who have a good command of English but encounter difficulties during correspondence with clients or associates located abroad.

Others have clear-cut tasks to gain certification of ability in English, while others wish to enhance their understanding of a topic or issue which is relevant to their work or daily life.

To suit these requirements, we provide modular courses that last between one month and eight months, during which we suggest home study sessions of between one and three hours, for best progress.

Written work forms the basis of private tuition, to facilitate an exchange of ideas between student and and tutor. This methodology matches the teaching at the University of Oxford, consistently rated the best in the world.

In common with many, you might agree that time is the most precious resource, which shows why fee-based private tuition is the efficacious way in which to invest study time. This is borne out by the English adage, ‘one gets what one pays for’. Benjamin Franklin once claimed that ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ At first sight, free courses might seem easy on the bank account but in the long term will cost more time than properly deployed private coaching. The same reasoning applies to low-cost group tuition because shoes seldom fit two pair of feet.

Online private tuition is delivered in one-hour sessions and course duration is one of the key factors that determine fees. When inquiring about a course, you should specify a period within a flexible time frame of one to eight months, according to your perceived requirements.

Other factors affecting course fees will be your present level, your chosen course, and your proposed study schedule. For further information and guidance, please see our pricing page.