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Testimonials from ELCOX Students and Alumnae

Exceeded all my Expectations!

My journey with Elcox was amazing and exceeded all my expectations for the course! It engaged me in reading, thinking, and writing on philosophical topics stemming from works of philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Descartes. It took me also through modern-day socially sensitive subjects such as broken societies and defective genes. I had the opportunity to work on areas I wanted to explore, so I took my online English teacher with me on the exciting Yukon Quest sled dog race through Alaska and Canada!

The result of my course of sixteen essays with private tutorials via Skype is that my writing and speaking have improved dramatically, and I feel comfortable in any situation when expressing my thoughts when writing or speaking. For a professional person living in an English-speaking country, it makes a difference! I only wish I had found out about Elcox sooner!
Mila, Canada
Business English

The two tutors were great!

I really enjoyed my distance learning online Legal English course which lasted about six months. I had the chance to write, read, and speak English intensively! The online distance learning private tutorials lasted one hour every week and were delivered via Skype. I had tutors listening and giving me constructive feedback. The two tutors were great; they were very flexible, and they always gave me helpful suggestions.
Christian, Austria
Legal English

An excellent experience!

 I am very happy I passed my Legal-English exam! From the beginning, I gained much more than I expected from the course. The level of tuition allowed me to learn a lot. I am very grateful to you for your support, care, patience, and for keeping me alert and aiming for success. It has been an excellent experience! YOU ARE GREAT!
Cristobal, Spain
Legal English

A tremendous help to me

 The Elcox tailored Cambridge private course was a tremendous help to me in completing my preparation for CPE C2 certification. Weekly Skype-enabled private tuition helped me to strengthen each of my language skills and my exam technique.
Tamuna, Georgia
Cambridge C2 CPE

Extremely useful

 I have just finished my first module and I am looking forward to the rest. I enjoyed the preparation of the essays and the interesting and inspiring material supplied.
Tutorials are extremely useful, and the personal approach delivered during the sessions makes them an efficient working tool.
Silvia, United Kingdom

My English has improved enormously

 My English has improved enormously in each area of my different courses and I have developed a strong interest in Internet research for each study assignment. I started my first course with Elcox almost ten years ago. I had very little English and presented tutor with the task of persuading me to trust in his customised private tuition.

Online dialogue, via Skype, was tedious for both me and my tutor but Elcox overcame this by firing my imagination with study content that related to my various interests. I improved from tutorial to tutorial to become proficient at guided online research into subjects I found important and useful for both professional and general reasons.
Mathieu, France
Cambridge CPE

Friendly approach, excellent tutors

 When I was looking for a CPE course that would accommodate my long working hours, I stumbled upon the English Language Centre Oxford with their flexible learning methodology, abundant resources, and most of all the friendly approach from my excellent tutors who won me over. At the beginning, the sheer amount of information for each task startled me. Soon, however, I could not have too much of the learning experience that involved online reading, listening, and researching topics for essays and précis writing assignments; learning which broadened my horizons.
Jan, Czech Republic
Cambridge CPE

I got an A!

I just received my results for the CAE (I was unable to get them online as I lost my codes):
I got an A! Exceptional Writing, Use of English and Listening. A point below exceptional in Speaking and Reading. Soon I’ll start the CPE private tutorials.
Gibram, Mexico
Cambridge CAE

I loved every minute of it

I had always dreamed about finding a language course which would provide me with not only a high level of professional content and quality, but also flexibility. I enrolled and successfully completed the CPE course, and I just LOVED every minute of it! Elcox has truly wonderful tutors who supported me all along the way. During our tutorials, I always felt that I received 100% attention. I am very grateful for all the comments, advice, and feedback they gave me, and I feel I learned so much. The best part of it was the fact that even though I had to work really hard on my essay-writing, the process felt like a lot of fun, and I eagerly awaited every date on which a tutorial was due!
Tonka, Slovakia
Philosophy English

I learned from my common mistakes

I found the course with my private tutor very useful, and I improved my writing and listening skills. He is an excellent teacher and we discussed different subjects such as politics, philosophy, and economics, and I learned from my common mistakes.
Carlota, Spain
Cambridge FCE

A course that fits into my busy life

After looking for a long time for a private online English course that would fit into my busy life, I was lucky to find The English Language Centre Oxford. It specialises in private distance learning English courses where you combine online training at any time with customised guided home-study assignments. You are provided with personalised and adapted English lessons according to your needs and expectations. Not only that, but the course matches the teaching methodology at the University of Oxford!
Nuria, Spain
Medical English

I am delighted with the improvement

I finished my sixteenth private tutorial, and I want to thank you for the General & English Literature courses. I am delighted with the improvement of my English, and I have learned something about life and the importance of critical thinking. I now want to go deeper and improve my skills on an English with Philosophy course.
Lamtarida, Spain
English Literature

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