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An Oxford postgraduate online tutor will focus on your four English skills and your critical analysis and argumentation.

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ELCOX offers online secure home-study and Oxford-style private tuition to students preparing for an English exam or professionals who seek fluency and opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues and associates around the globe.

  • Such ability will distinguish you from the average and you will be able to exercise your full potential
  • Your tutor will tailor your secure home-study to your specific needs and goals
  • Your online private tutor will focus on your skills in understanding and using English to communicate effectively.
  • You will have access to our online 24/7 AI interactive practice tools
  • You will optimise your language skills and exam techniques under the guidance of your private tutor.
  • Home study support will engage you with the fresh ideas of today’s experts

Online English Courses

Cambridge CEFR

  • C2 Proficiency
    Cambridge English C2 certification helps professionals, researchers, and other knowledgeable leaders to communicate effectively.
  • C1 Advanced
    C1 General and Business English Grade A scores of 200-10 equate to C2 grade C and show ability to follow a course taught in English.
  • B2 First and Vantage Business
    FCE and B2 Vantage Business English grades A to C verify ability to begin study or work and to convey opinions and arguments.
  • B1 Preliminary General and Business
    B1 General and Business Preliminary English grades A to C demonstrate practical English proficiency for study or employment.

Academic Tuition

  • Pearson PTE
    Your private online instructor will prepare you to pass the PTE with a high score, that will afford you a significant advantage. 
    The TOEFL iBT test is recognised by British and European universities that teach in English, and it is the test of choice in France and Germany.
    TOLES certificates show that lawyers can deal with the idiomatic Legal English used for international contracts and financial affairs.
  • IELTS Academic and General Training
    Our online tutors will enable you to pass the IELTS Academic English test at home or the IELTS General Training test at an exam centre. 

Learners at C2 level have the option of combining the study of English with another subject

Professional English

  • Academic English
    To understand Academic English, prioritise secure home-study and online private tuition, which will open doors to lifelong benefits.
  • Business English
    Professional online Business English courses will be tailored to your interests, such as R & D, sales, marketing, or general management.
  • Financial English
    Secure home-study of Financial English, under online private tuition with Oxford-style teaching methods, is the shortest path to fluency.
  • General English
    Your online private tutor will coach you to the highest level so you can communicate fluently with colleagues, clients, and others across the world.

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What our students say


Christian, Austria – Legal English

“I firmly recommend this learning experience as it is effective home-study. My tutors were great and always gave me helpful suggestions. I wrote, read, and spoke English intensively!”


Mila, Canada – Career English​

“My journey was amazing and surpassed all my hopes! For professionals it makes a difference! My writing and speaking improved dramatically. I only wish I had found out about Elcox sooner!”


Tamuna, Georgia – CPE

“My tailored private course was a tremendous help to my gaining CPE C2 certification. I advise CPE candidates to take this course. Private tuition refined my language and exam skills.”


Silvia, U. K. – TOLES Advanced​

“I enjoyed preparation for the essays and the inspiring material supplied. The tête-à-tête tutorials make them an efficient working method. I thank my tutor, especially for his humour.”


Cristobal, Spain – Legal English​

“I passed my Legal-English exam! I gained much and can now talk on legal matters to English-speaking clients and others and give best advice. Tuition taught me a lot. YOU ARE GREAT!


Nuria, Spain – Medical English

“I received English lessons tailored to my needs. I am grateful for this and encourage anyone to enrol in this learning experience. Online English courses match teaching at the University of Oxford!”

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Leading employers constantly seek out individuals who are skilled in teamwork, critical reasoning, and problem solving. They recognise the value of Cambridge English, TOEFL, Pearson, and TOLES public exam success, which is justification for anyone to enrol on a top-tier English course and strive for fluency.