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Your Oxford postgraduate online private tutor will guide you through all aspects of using English, from reading, writing, listening, and speaking, to critical analysis and argumentation.

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ELCOX offers secure home study and online Oxford-style private tuition to students of English preparing for an exam or professionals seeking fluency and opportunities to exchange ideas on matters of importance

  • Such ideas will distinguish you from the average and enable you to exercise your full capacity
  • Your tutor will tailor your secure home study to meet your specific needs and goals
  • Your online private tutor will focus on your skills, and weaknesses in the use of English
  • Our online AI interactive digital practice platform will be available to support you around the clock
  • Your tutor will teach you language skills and exam techniques to optimise your learning outcomes
  • Home study support will engage you with the fresh ideas of today’s experts in your fields of interest

Online English Courses

Cambridge CEFR

  • C2 Proficiency
    Cambridge English C2 Proficiency certification is the basis for fluent communication by professionals, academics, and other intellectually able individuals.
  • C1 Advanced
    C1 General English and Business English Grade A exam scores of 200-10 equate to C2 grade C proving coherent use English for academic study and effective teamwork.
  • B2 First and Vantage Business
    FCE and B2 Vantage Business-English (BEVC) passes at Grades A-C certify ability to begin study or work and communicate opinion and argument on a wide range of topics.
  • B1 Preliminary General and Business
    B1 General and Business Preliminary English certificates at Grades A-C verify ability to begin study or work with practical English skills for everyday use.

Academic Tuition

  • Pearson PTE
    PTE certification is lifelong proof of practical skills at work and elsewhere and your private tutor will train you to pass the exam with a top score to ensure a clear advantage.
    The TOEFL iBT test is accepted by all British universities and top European institutions that teach in English, and it is the test of choice in France and Germany.
    TOLES certificates attest to good use of idiomatic Legal English by lawyers discussing cross-border contracts, commercial liability, and financial arrangements.
  • IELTS Academic and General Training
    Sit the IELTS Academic English test at home or the IELTS General Training test at an authorised exam centre. In either case, our online tutors can teach you to score the highest marks.

Learners at C2 level have the option of combining English with another subject

Professional English

  • Academic English
    Focus on your secure home learning with online private tuition and travel the road to fluency in Academic English that opens doors and delivers lifelong benefits.
  • Business English
    Professional online English courses for business will be tailored to your interests, such as research and development, sales and marketing, or general management.
  • Financial English
    ELCOX bespoke secure home study for financial workers, under an online private tutor employing the proven Oxford-style teaching methods is the shortest path to fluency.
  • General English
    Online English courses suit many and, in your case, your tutor will be happy to coach you to the highest level so that you communicate fluently with others across the globe.

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Leading employers are constantly seeking to recruit individuals skilled in teamwork, critical reasoning, problem solving, and certified in use of English. They recognise the value of the Cambridge English, TOEFL, Pearson, and TOLES public exams.