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Benefits of AI writing aids in learning English

By Alexander Ross

Education is undergoing a technological revolution, and at Elcox (English Language Centre Oxford), a top provider of online private tuition, AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing aids have significantly increased the efficacy of our home-study courses of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Elcox offers private students online access to innovative AI tools that produce interactive real time feedback and suggestions to enhance writing, grammar, style, and use of English in academic settings, business, industry, and the professions.

In this blog, I shall explain the brilliance of the Oxford-style teaching practised at Elcox and lay out the benefits and features of AI for you.

The role of AI writing aids in the ELCOX learning experience

A reduced workload is an important benefit you will gain while using Elcox AI help during home-study. As you write, AI will identify errors rather than correct them. When specific words, phrases, and sentences are flagged for language issues, the AI will append a clear analysis, commentary, and guidance.

This means you have to maintain control and decide on suitable changes whenever an AI intervention questions your written work. Sometimes, this requires critical analysis to address a misstatement of your stance on an issue, by constructing a fresh case with better evidence in its support. However, most changes simply entail changing vocabulary and correcting grammar, syntax, style, and relevant register. This discipline ensures you gain a thorough understanding of the use of English, rather than temporary learning by rote.

Principal benefits of Elcox AI writing aids

Here is my list of the principal benefits you will derive from Elcox AI help:

  • Answers: Your AI assistant tutor will provide answers to questions about anything from general knowledge to enquiries related to a particular field.
  • Text generation: You may demand text generation for any purpose, including essay writing, reports, summaries, emails, and so forth.
  • Translation: AI will also help you proofread, edit, and translate.
  • Paraphrasing: You may instruct your AI advisor to paraphrase any text.
  • Précis: You may also demand a summary of a long text, which might be useful for identifying the main points of any article or document.
  • Chatting: You will surely find occasions to converse with your AI assistant tutor and receive help with various tasks, such as researching a topic.
  • Tuning: you may condition your AI assistant to learn your preferences and needs.

Principal benefits of Elcox AI writing aids

The principal benefits I have listed above have an overarching purpose, which is not to perform the home-study I shall expect you to carry out rigorously.

When your goal is fluency in English, you will only reach it after you gain a deep understanding of working in Oxford English.

So, what are my general caveats to using your AI assistant tutor?

  • Inaccuracy: The bot is trained on data that might be incomplete or out of date.
  • Bias: Even I hold controversial beliefs on some matters, so never forget that the bot cannot think and, like any machine, is subject to bias in presenting its training data.
  • Context: The bot relies on your instructions, so to get decent help, be unequivocal.
  • Legal and ethical: The bot is not a licensed professional for legal or medical advice.
  • Privacy and security: Consider the risks associated with sharing information.


Your online private tutor will expect you to exercise critical thinking and evaluate the help you receive from the Elcox AI assistants.

Your major benefits are predicated on understanding how English is used, and this is difficult to achieve alone. The combined efforts of your online private tutor and robust AI assistant, will afford you confidence, efficiency, consistency, and qualities associated with leadership, strategic thinking, problem-solving, accountability, and interpersonal skills; provided you put in the work and question everything you do before committing to it. If you believe fluent English is essential, talk to an Elcox tutor today.

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