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Why You Will Respond so well to Andragogic Learning?

By Alexander Ross

After you have read our article How to become Fluent in English to gain a Professional Advantage, you will have heard of andragogic learning. Andragogic is the adjective referring to the principles and practices of adult learning popularised by Malcolm Knowles, an American academic in the sixties.

Elcox has been teaching able adults across the globe since 1999 and models online private tuition on undergraduate teaching in the Humanities Division of the world’s top-ranked University of Oxford.

The character of Adult Learning

We should remind ourselves that universities and other institutions of scholarship teach adult students rather than advanced school pupils. The best universities are adept at andragogic teaching; the prime example being Oxford, which consistently turns out the most erudite alumnae in the world.

On this account, we should look to the university for evidence and example of andragogic teaching and compare how Elcox students benefit from our tuition. Each Elcox tutor is a postgraduate member of Oxford, affiliated to a college and familiar with the excellent tuition that underpins the university’s unparalleled performance.

This experience means that your tutor will properly tailor an Oxford-style study assignment for each of your course tutorials to ensure excellent outcomes.

The tutorial assignment

Your online tutor will model your secure home-study on the practices of Oxford.

Your joint study of English with the special subject of your choosing, will require your tutor to provide relevant online reading and audio-visual lectures, which will inform you and enable you to exhibit what you learn in a well-written medium-length academic essay.

Each Oxford-style home-study assignment concludes with an hour-long online private tutorial, during which your tutor will invite you to read your essay and then engage in a constructive analysis and discussion of your work.

Participation in Oxford-style andragogic
home-study with Elcox will earmark you as a brilliant student, at work and elsewhere.

Participation in Oxford-style study

Home-study with Elcox will earmark you as a brilliant mind, at work and elsewhere. Evaluation of your home-study will entail private online tuition to ensure you understand the proper use of English and the current topic of your joint subject.

Your tutor will build your confidence and encourage you to use your fresh expertise to advance your professional, academic, and social pursuits. Tutorial assignments allow two weeks of home-study, but an investment of more time can reduce this to a minimum of five days.

This is how Elcox delivers world-class results.

How Elcox will enable you to reach fluency?

Learning a new language is a great way to boost your career prospects, improve your communication skills, and expand your cultural horizons; however, excelling in a language like English, as an adult, can be challenging.

Thankfully, andragogic learning, an approach to adult education popularised by Malcolm Knowles, can make the process much easier and more effective for you. Elcox has provided excellent English tuition for close on a quarter of a century. Our approach adopts the principles employed by Oxford.

So, what exactly is adult learning and how can it help you become fluent in English?

The elements of adult learning

Before we dive into the specifics of how this will benefit you, it is worth reviewing what it is. Andragogic learning is a set of principles and practices that help adults learn more effectively. These include:

  • Engaging in self-directed learning: you will learn best when you take ownership of your learning process and set your own goals.
  • Building on prior knowledge and experience: you have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be used as a foundation for further learning.
  • Focusing on practical applications: you want to learn skills that are immediately useful to you, whether for personal or professional pursuits.
  • Providing relevant, real-world examples: you will react best to examples that apply to your experiences and goals.
  • Encouraging active participation: you will benefit most, when you actively engage in the learning process and apply what you learn in real-life situations.

At Elcox, we use these principles to tailor tuition that ensures you will achieve fluency.


By learning with Elcox, you will achieve outcomes on a par with students at Oxford. The home-study we offer will ensure you stand out as brilliant, not just in academic pursuits, but also in your professional and social life.

By investing time and effort in learning English in this way, you will be well on your way to achieving fluency. 

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