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The best Online English Learning Methodology

By Alexander Ross


EFL (English as a foreign language) and ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) are vital skills in the world, but hard to gain, since not all language schools are created equal. Elcox is a unique innovative provider of online EFL private education with a system that is peerless in terms of provenance and quality. In this blog, I shall explain why Elcox online learning has delivered brilliant outcomes over the last twenty-four years, and why it is now even more effective, after we reinforced the power of our traditional Oxford-style private tuition with world-class AI (Artificial Intelligence) NLG (Natural Language Generation).

The Elcox online private learning system

The object of Elcox online learning is provision of the best study facilities and outcomes, of which the elements are online Oxford-style private tuition supported by AI NLG assistants. These work in harmony to afford you a unique tailored and effective secure home-study.

The Elcox online private learning system

Elcox’s private tuition is unique in that it is modelled after the teaching style of the
University of Oxford. This means students receive one-on-one lessons with a qualified
postgraduate tutor from the University of Oxford. The private tuition allows for
tailored learning and personalized feedback, ensuring students receive the support
they need to reach their goals.

Private tuition

Elcox online private tuition is modelled in the style of teaching at the University of Oxford. Students receive one-on-one lessons from an online qualified postgraduate tutor who was educated at Oxford. Attendance at the university for undergraduate and postgraduate studies ensures a deep understanding of the Oxford method and its application to secure study outcomes that can only be envied by most. Support for this contention lies in the fact that Oxford is regarded as the best university in the world.

Our Oxford-educated tutors deliver tailored learning and individual mentoring, now supported with AI NLG and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to benefit from world-class home-study of English, conjointly with a specialised subject of your choice.

This personalised attention ensures that you will receive the support you need to achieve your learning goals and enjoy a lifelong professional advantage.

AI writing aids

Elcox AI assistants support your home-study and enhance your learning experience, on demand. These tools will strengthen your writing to the point of fluency, provided you attend your online tutorials and engage with your tutor to exchange ideas and seek common ground.

AI assistants are programmed to identify errors as you write and they provide explanation, suggestions, and advice which, when followed, will enable you to craft fluent written English of outstanding quality.

It is vital to understand that you have to maintain control of your studies and decide upon how your errors should be addressed. This means that you have to do the work, and this is intentional because Oxford-style study will entail developing your abilities to engage in critical analysis, judgement, logical argumentation, and unequivocal expression of your opinions and beliefs concerning the many issues you will encounter as you study your specialised subject.

So, while AI will support you, it can only suggest based on probability. Without your mental efforts, your work will remain mediocre and unrewarding for both you and your tutor.

By contrast, when you take advantage of the Elcox system, you will flourish and stand above the crowd with a competitive advantage for life.

Benefits of studying EFL alongside another subject of special interest

At Elcox, you have an option to study EFL or ESOL alongside a subject of special interest. This allows for a well-rounded learning experience and provides an opportunity for self-directed study. For example, when you are passionate about history, you may study EFL and elect to read  and write on the history of the British Empire and how it has shaped the world, for better or otherwise. This Oxford-style joint study will quicken your path to English fluency and endow you with a deeper and lasting understanding of the world.

Comparison with traditional classroom EFL courses

Finally, it is worth comparing the Elcox online private learning method with traditional classroom-based EFL and ESOL courses.

Online study offers great flexibility and an opportunity to study at home and avoid the risks associated with attendance at a conventional day or night class.

Unlike others, Elcox enables tailored home-study with online private teaching by an Oxford graduate and an AI NLG assistant. This means you may work at your own pace and receive scheduled one-on-one tuition or on demand evaluation from your AI monitor. In contrast, traditional classroom-based courses often have large classes and rigid structures.

I shall conclude by re-iterating that Elcox offers online private teaching to support secure tailored home-study and a unique and innovative approach to the study of English.

Oxford-style online private tuition and on-demand AI NLG help is an amalgamation that allows tailored and engaging home-study, making Elcox the top choice for you to access brilliant and affordable world-class instruction in English and a lifelong professional edge.

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